Saturday, January 19, 2013

If you can't take the heat... you probably don't want to be in the kitchen

Crazy times! We've been busy and happy. My new counter person is named Wendy, she is awesome! I also hired my most recent intern, Janet, to work part time. So much has been happening. We are partnering with EJ Phairs brewery in Pittsburgh to put on a sausage and beer pairing event in Feb.

Belly Washer Scottish Ale with Haggis in beef middles and caramelized onions

Shorties Revenge with Bratwurst wrapped in bacon and red cabbage

Steeltown Stout with Grassfed beef mortadella sliders on beer mash buns

Face Puncher IPA with Andouille and Sweet Cornbread

I am so stoked to be a part of the event!

I have been putting on sausage making classes on a few Sundays at the cafe, they have been a ton of fun and sell out right away!

We also won a pretty cool designation on the Blog CHOW  which has bumped up business as well. We had one of our busiest weeks ever last week. I am tired but I feel like I have been accomplishing a lot.

We got a panini maker and we've been going nuts with it. Our morning business had not come along like I hoped while our lunch business has been doing well. So I wanted to find a breakfast sandwich to offer that was within my theme... I mean I am not really interested in serving a McGriddle if you know what I mean. So voila! Panini! I have put on 5 good solid panini pounds myself. They are yummy! I am going to be experimenting with banana and peanut butter on whole wheat panini and so forth. So much fun! Anyway it's been a big boost to our morning business. it's probably added a good 15% just in the first week to our daily receipts. And we don't even have a hard menu etc for them yet. I made one on an everything bagel and that was good too, but I have not found a good source for bagels.

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