Sunday, July 29, 2012

Busy Times...

It's been crazy at work! As many of you know I cater, have wholesale clients AND the restaurant. Well, everything has been busy all at once. Which is why I have not been blogging very much...

I catered every weekend for 6 weeks in a row. Lots of amazing parties, especially birthdays (which is unusual, usually big catering is strictly weddings). About half of my clients wanted "finger foods". I love the visuals on finger foods, but the definite downside is most people don't feel like they really ATE anything. So you are serving a very high labor item (lots of fiddling with little stuff for finger foods), and lots of it (people don't keep track when they are "nibbling") and then at the end of the day, everyone is wondering what time dinner begins anyway?

I may try to guide clients away from finger foods only events for a little while.

Wholesale business is great too. Two clients are doing some great high profile stuff with my products. I adore Pete, who is the owner of the Mr. Nice Sausage truck at the 11th Street Off the Grid location. Mr Nice is apparently some kind of 1970s pot reference (A very famous European pot seller/grower). Pete sells my Andouille, Chicken Apple Bourbon and Bratwurst on rolls. He also carries our Blackberry Berbere Organic Catsup.

My other higher volume wholesale client is Residual Sugar in Walnut Creek, who carries some of our cured meats and salumi. Fantastic place!

The other exciting development is the teaming up with Andrade Wine group to open the cafe in the evenings for a wine bar and small plates. It's been a lot of fun to play with the food and develop the menu.