Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's so... beautiful

So I got the new (to me) buffalo chopper all cleaned up today and took it for it's innaugural spin. I chopped 3 # of back fat and 6# of lean leg meat, plus about 75 g salt, 10 g #2 salt and 40 g of a fennel/peppercorn corsely ground, plus about 4 g fennel pollen, 200 g of moscato wine and about 4 g fresh grated garlic, plus about 6 g of bactoferm. I froze the back fat and did a corse chop in the choper, then I also did the lean meat in the chopper, which I have not done before, but I think it had a nice texture. I hand stuffed it in a beef bung.
I then did a butcher's twine wrap on it and reinforced the hanging strings (since the sausage is about #10) and hung it up in the outside fridge. I am extremely proud of it and I hope it is as delicious as I think it will be!
I went and got a whole new load of meat today to make another batch of salumi. I only used 1/2 of one beef bung for the whole 10# sausage! So now I have to figure out what else I want to make? I really want to make mortadella since I now have the buffalo chopper and I have an event next week with a meat platter, but I also acutely feel that I should be putting in as much salumi to dry cure as I can now in case I do open my own place next year.
I also sarted 3 bellies for bacon, picked up two really cheap partial boneless beef shanks (I did a bresaola type cure on them, we will see how it turns out!) and I already have one 3 # capicola going and about 15 # of lonza in cure as well.

Friday, October 8, 2010

SO much has happened in the past few weeks...

I am working solidly along on my business plan and the more I do, the better I feel. AND in some very exciting developments... I was rummaging around in a used Restaurant supply store and found a buffalo chopper for $400, which Sue and Paul gave me as a gift!

This is so exciting as it's use in making sausage is absolutely priceless. The difference between chopped meat vs ground meat is substantial when it comes to the texture and color of the finished product!

Mary and I picked fresh fennel this weekend and gathered up the pollen so I can make Finocchinoa this weekend. I got my beef bungs in a few days ago and I am so so SO excited to use my new chopper.

I will blog the process this weekend!